The only necklace you need this Autumn

Beaded jewellery is becoming increasingly popular and it's not just a summer thing.

A colourful beaded necklace is the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your wardrobe this Autumn and our new Pearl Beaded Necklace combines colourful glass beads with this seasons other must-have accessory, pearls!

Pearls have a timeless, vintage look that will add a touch of class to any outfit. They bring depth to your jewellery and can make a piece look much more high end.

We have three beautiful pearl necklace designs launching in October. Here's a little sneak peak for you!

Pearl Beaded Necklace in neutral gold

You will never regret buying this necklace! The beautiful combination of pink, gold and pearlised beads along with the fresh water pearls means that this is the perfect layering piece. Choose your favourite gold chain or pendant for the ultimate vintage look.

Pearl Beaded Necklace in blue haze

If you are looking for a more stand-out piece then this necklace will not disappoint. The beautiful contrast of dark and baby blue beads offset with the freshwater pearls is truly eye-catching.

Pearl Chain Necklace

Are you looking for something a bit different? Tired of seeing everyone else wearing the same pieces as you? Do you want a piece of jewellery that gets others commenting? Then our new Pearl Chain Necklace is definitely for you. This unique design combines a classic pearl beaded necklace with a beautiful sterling silver chain. It's finished off with a toggle clasp and personalised pendant. What more could you want in a necklace.

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