How to layer your jewellery

If you are someone who loves the layered jewellery look but never quite know how to go about achieving it, here are my top tips for the perfect necklace stack.

  1. Decide on the specific look you want to achieve.

If you want a structured look to your stack then you will want to choose three necklaces that are about 4cm apart in length. This will ensure that they hang nicely and give you that structured layered look.

If you prefer the more 'thrown together' look then you should opt for necklaces of a similar or same length to avoid it looking too intentional.

2. Decide on the colours you want to wear.

This may sound obvious but often gets overlooked when stacking colourful jewellery.

If you want your stack to have different coloured necklaces then I would highly recommend having one in a metallic colour (gold or silver), one in a solid colour and then the third as multi-coloured.

If you are choosing a stack with only one colour, try to use it in different shades to give it more depth.

The most important tip I can give you is have fun and experiment. Fashion and styling is all about what makes you feel beautiful and stylish, not what others are wearing.

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