Jewellery Care and Warranty

All of our products come with a 6 month warranty so if anything should happen we will repair or replace the item free of charge.  Outside of this warranty period items can be repaired for a small fee.  


We use a very high-quality elastic for our stretch jewellery however, general wear of these products will mean that over time they may stretch out slightly.  We offer a re-stringing service for a small fee.  Please contact us on for more information.

Jewellery Care

We recommend the following to ensure that your jewellery remains in top condition.


  • Always try to store your jewellery out of direct sunlight

  • Try to avoid excessive water (we would not recommend wearing your jewellery in the bath or shower).

  • Always remove your jewellery before doing any exercise to avoid contact with sweat.

  • Try to avoid contact with perfume, moisturiser or any harsh chemicals.

  • For stretch jewellery it is recommended you roll/slide them on to your wrist or finger rather than stretch them out.  This will ensure they maintain their shape and size more effectively.



For sterling silver jewellery the best way to keep it looking at its best is to wear it regularly.  When you are not wearing it try to store your pieces in a jewellery box or equivalent to keep them away from direct sunlight and dust.  Silver jewellery that is not worn regularly and left exposed on surfaces is more likely to become dull and tarnish.

Beaded jewellery can collect dirt, particularly between the beads.  Use warm water on a damp cloth to clean carefully between the beads if this occurs.