The Blue & Green Story

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Blue & Green Jewellery, I really hope you find a piece that becomes part of your everyday 'go to' wardrobe and that you enjoy mixing and matching different looks.  

I have always had a very eclectic taste in jewellery, particularly enjoying layering and stacking to create different effects.  However, it wasn’t until lockdown (no.3!) when I decided to learn how to make my own jewellery in order to create exactly the ‘look’ I wanted to achieve.  This moved from a hobby to a passion and subsequently an obsession, finding any spare minute to make another piece.  It also meant buying a lot of products (it was my equivalent of the Amazon delivery turning up everyday!) and it was then that I started to look more deeply in to where products originated from.  It became clear that it was really easy to source large quantities of products at a cheap price but not so easy to find items and in particular suppliers, that were mindful of the ethical and environmental impact they had. This was the starting point for Blue & Green Jewellery and is an on-going development as the brand and products evolve.  I really hope you enjoy putting different pieces together to create your own look that is unique to you. I would love to see how you style our pieces so don't forget to tag us on Facebook and Instagram with your pictures.

Love Cheryl – Owner, Blue & Green Jewellery



At Blue & Green Jewellery we believe it is incredibly important as a company to be mindful of the impact our products can have on the environment and the ethical implications of what we are producing.  Our aim is to produce high quality pieces at an affordable price but always with an eye on sustainability.  We certainly do not claim to be perfect and this element of our business is an on-going development.  We will always try to do better.


Ways we believe we contribute to sustainability.

Packaging – all of our packaging is either made from recycled materials or is fully recyclable.  We have also tried really hard not to ‘over package’ our products so that there is less unnecessary waste.


Products – We use glass beads in our designs. We also have pieces that use recycled glass.

We only use sterling silver as opposed to silver plating.  This includes all of the clasps and findings used to make our beaded products. This gives the products a slightly higher price point but we hope we are creating higher quality pieces that you will treasure forever rather than 'fast fashion' that only lasts a few months.  We also use a lot of aluminium in our designs which is a more environmentally friendly metal.


Suppliers – wherever possible, we try to use UK based suppliers.  We have looked carefully at each suppliers environmental and ethical policies and a good portion of our main suppliers share our views of working more ethically.  This is an on-going development.

If you have any other suggestions regarding our environmental policy we would love to hear them.  Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at